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So you've just written a totally radical fanfiction for Homestuck, but can't figure out how to work that new fangled fanworks site to make it look nice? Then this is the tutorial for you!

(Also, be sure to click through the image for close-ups, if needed.)

[ETA 4/3/2012 - Since taking these screenshots, Archive of Our Own has changed the layout of the Post New Work page. It's not much of a difference, so I won't bother to switch out the images, but I'm giving this heads-up anyway.]

Step 1: Copy and paste my awesome story into a new story document.Collapse )

three birthdays, wut

3. Happy birthday, Charles Darwin! Though people may still shun your book, though your precious Galapagos maybe be eroding under the swarms of tourists, though people may have twisted one of your core theories, it's okay! National Geographic dedicated an issue to you and did an awesome spread about you~ ♥

2. Happy birthday, my second little brother, who is not cool enough to be on LiveJournal, and thus will never see this. Though you may hate me for giving you a gift certificate from Modest Needs and not another video game, I wish you luck during your first forays into teenagedom and congratulate you on the fact that you got a girlfriend much earlier in life than my first little brother! ♥

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, urbydizzy!!
Welcome to the wonderful world of adults! Feel free to come up to Canada and drink legally while I watch and eat cookies.

And on this very special day, I give you fic!Collapse )